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Stages of application process


Update your CV. Before applying, review your resume and make sure it matches the jobs you are interested in.


Apply to jobs. The next step is to apply to jobs. You can do this by uploading your resume to the right jobs.


Expect to be contacted. Your CV passes through a screening stage, and if it matches the job you applied to, you will be contacted by a recruiter.


Participate in a telephone interview. Not all jobs involve going through this stage, but be prepared for this too.


Participate in tests. We often use tests as a way to match candidates for the jobs they apply.


Prepare for the interview. If you are selected for interview, then you will be invited to a discussion with a recruiter and / or manager.


Wait for the job offer. If everything goes well you will receive a job offer that you will need to decide whether or not you accept it.


Prepares the employment documents. If you have reached this step, you have accepted the job offer and are ready for new challenges in your career. Congratulations!

Tips for your career

Regulamentul concursului "APT te recrutează. APT te premiază!”

November 27th, 2019|0 Comments

SECȚIUNEA 1. ORGANIZATORUL ȘI REGULAMENTUL OFICIAL AL CONCURSULUI 1.1. Organizatorul concursului "APT te recrutează. APT te premiază!” (numit în cele ce urmează "Concursul") este compania APT Resources & Services SRL, cu sediul ...

Bune practici in procesul de recrutare (Part 2)

December 12th, 2018|0 Comments


Bune practici in procesul de recrutare (Part 1)

December 5th, 2018|0 Comments

Cum sa iti construiesti un CV bun sau The 5 second rule: Keep it short, simple and nice! In caz ca nu stiai “Curriculum Vitae” vine din limba latina si se traduce  prin "Istoricul vieții". [...]

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